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Local Goose Inspired by Aflac Duck and Limu Emu to Follow It’s Dreams

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Goldwit the Squirrel


DENVER, CO — A local goose has expressed desire to become an actor after sourcing inspiration from the Aflac Duck and Limu Emu.

The goose, which has been impressed with fowl representation in insurance commercials, says that he might just detour his migration to sunny Los Angeles. 

“There’s never been a better time to be a bird in showbiz,” the goose said in an exclusive interview with Sleeping Sardines. “Who knows, maybe I could get a spot in an AllState gig. Or better yet — dethrone Jamie and be Flo’s sidekick for Progressive.” 

The goose said that although it doesn’t have any professional acting experience, it’s been making everybody in the V formation laugh with its improv skits.

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“I remember one time we were flying over Nebraska and I did this awesome Owen Wilson impersonation,” the goose honked excitedly. “If I can bring that energy into the audition room, I’m a shoe-in!” 

While some might argue that Hollywood is already overly-saturated with talking birds, this special goose says he’s got the it factor. We wish the goose the best of luck as it pursues stardom on the big stage!


Goldwit the squirrel is a part-time bird watcher who covers lifestyle and animal interest stories for Sleeping Sardines. Learn more about him here

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