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Bisexual Erasers Confused About All the HubBub

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Tushy the Gender Fluid Homo Habilis


DENVER, CO — A local collection of bisexual erasers were confused Monday upon learning the term bisexual erasure: the pervasive problem in which the existence or legitimacy of bisexuality is questioned or denied outright. 

The erasers, which have been privileged enough to exist in an extremely inclusive arts and crafts drawer, said that they were shocked to discover that anyone would seek to smudge out their vibrant community. 

“Listen. I erase things for a living. It’s what I do,” one of the erasers said in an exclusive interview with Sleeping Sardines. “I just can’t believe that all this time people have been weaponizing my super power to delegitimize bisexuals. It’s simply unfathomable!” 

The rest of the items in the crafts drawers were equally perturbed. 

“It’s hurtful, and it must be stopped,” a very gay silver sharpie said. “I may be exclusively attracted to other sharpies, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t sharpies out there who might be interested in magic markers, too!”

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Going forward, the erasers plan to be more vigilant. 

“I hereby refuse to erase any sentences that legitimize bisexuality,” one eraser pledged. “And that’s activism. You should try it some time!”


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